2021 Events

We are currently trying out new ways for reserving a place at out lunches.This is to try to make our system more efficient and to streamline the committee work which each lunch entails. Please be patient until we find the best way to do things.
It is also now possible, by arrangement to invite a friend
to accompany you to a lunch.

Please read the monthly Newsletter carefully. It will provide you will all the essential info. prior to each lunch. 
Your co-operation with these instructions is really appreciated.
We are trying hard to find the easiest and most 
efficient booking system. 

All lunches are at 12.00p.m.for 12.30

  January   Coffee zoom          

 March A.G.M. + Film + chat           

     March 10th     Coffee zoom 


April 14th   Coffee zoom   

May  12th       Coffee zoom                 
Remember the 60's?
 June 9th         Coffee zoom.       'Style'
  July 14th         Coffee.zoom        
Sept 8th     Lunch
Oct 13th    Coffee morning Rothamsted Cafe.  10.30.am
Nov.10th       Ladies Lunch
Dec. 8th         Coffee morning.
Jan. 12th        Special New Year lunch
Feb 9th          Coffee morning
Mar 9th          Lunch /AGM      
April 13th          Coffee Morning
May 11th           Ladies Lunch
June 8th          Coffee Morning
July 12th  Tues.Ladies Lunch
Aug 10th          Coffee Morning
Sept 14th        Ladies Lunch
Oct 12th            Coffee morning
Nov 9th             Ladies Lunch
Dec 7th            Christmas Lunch

Dec 14th           Coffee Morning
PLEASE NOTE   Due to the current uncertainty all the above dates
are subject to confirmation each month in our Newsletter.
Thank you all for joining our events over the past months despite the difficulties.

Last year we were able to run successful garden parties in each summer 
month so a big thank you also to those who offered to be hosts.

We are at present arranging some similar events for this Summer - WATCH THIS SPACE!

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